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Sunday, January 6, 2019

List of top rated univercities for online collage course

List of top rated univercities for online collage course

       The Online Learning College offers a range of home study courses to students in the UK and overseas. One of the most modern and innovative distance learning companies in the UK, we give you  online campus to deliver courses with lessons, assignments, resources and materials all included to help you study.T his article of industry expert tutors will guide you every step of the way, working towards an internationally recognised qualification with the Online Learning College is simple and effective. To get the accreditation, you need to progress your career and develop new skills has never been easier!
now here we are giving you the names of such univercities which are best for your online collage course

Stanford Online

Stanford University is located in Stanford, California and offers an especially rich bounty of material for its amateur online learners. Here Classes are offered on multiple platforms, letting you watch videos lectures, participate in discussion forums and chats, complete quizzes and even participate in group projects. A wide range of courses is available (for free and paid), from Cryptography to Game Theory to Writing in the Sciences. There are courses on stock market investing and running your own business, too – stuff that you can actually use to benefit your family. some Self-paced courses are also available, including the popular Computer Science


We know that Harvard uni. is World-famous. This University teamed up with nearby MIT to create the edX learning platform, which offers classes for free online. Many of these classes on edX, like Introduction to Computer Science, are self-guided and ready to start anytime you want. Others, like The Quantum World, run on a fixed schedule and Some even offer college credit through the Harvard Extension School for a fee; Here you can completion earns you a nifty free ‘Honor Code’ certificate. You can browse Harvard’s online course listing

UC BerkeleyX

Berkeley,the University of California is one of America’s most esteemed public universities. So, as you might expect, its online course catalog is one of the most serious of the bunch. Here You will find multiple webcasts on biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, history, health, political science, sociology and statistics. You won’t be able to take tests or raise your hand in class, but you can audit every lecture in HD on YouTube. This univercity  uses the edX learning platform

MIT OpenCourseWare and MITxAre looking to live out your Good Will Hunting fantasies? Then find out the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) OpenCourseWare system. There, you’ll find video and audio lectures from the top-ranked Engineering school. You’ll also be able to access notes, digital assessments and even free online textbooks. Not every class at MIT offers these materials, but the Course Finder tool will let you easily sort the catalog to find those that do. You can view MIT’s searchable wealth of online course materials and lectures on internet. You can also find a wide range of courses, some in other languages.

Duke University

This university is in North Carolina. Duke University offers a number of interactive, free online courses through the Coursera platform. Here Lectures in subjects like English Composition and Genetics are offered, with videos broken up into easily digestible YouTube clips. some courses offer online assessments as well. Some  Online learners get to interact with other students and teacher via online message boards and discussion groups, furthering your understanding of the material. In order to  take a look at Duke’s free online course offerings and register for classes, visit the official website. You can find plenty of other universities and classes available on Coursera as well.

Open Yale Courses
This is  one of the  nation’s oldest institutions of higher learning, offering a limited-albeit-highbrow selection of courses for free online auditing. You can challenge yourself by taking Philosophy and Science of Human Nature and can expand your horizons with Listening to Music, or try to get a better understanding of your 401(k) by taking Financial Markets. Courses are available on it.

Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative
Recent time this univercity offers 21 open and free courses via its Open Learning Initiative (OLI) platform. You can take science courses like Biochemistry and Modern Biology if that’s your thing, to Paris while taking Elementary French I and II. This uni. makes it easy to track your progress (with sign-in), while “targeted feedback” and online assignments give you an idea of how well you’re absorbing the material. You can browse what Carnegie Mellon’s OLI has to offer at this collage.

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